• trinity-homeschool-5-8-14-007WHO:  Children age 4, 5 and 6 (who have not yet attended Kindergarten)
    Max. 14 campers per week
  • WHAT:  Environmental Education Summer Day Camp
  • WHEN: Mon – Fri; 9am – 1pm
  • WHERE: Washington Park Arboretum; pick-up & drop-off at the Education Greenhouse
  • COST: $210 per week (except Week 2, July 2-6, $168)


UW Employee and Arboretum Foundation Discount: 15% discount available to current UW employees and Arboretum Foundation members (please have your Arboretum Foundation member number or UW NetID ready). We cannot accommodate retroactive discounts. Choose the “UW Employee and Arboretum Foundation Discount” price on the registration page.

Financial Assistance: Limited financial assistance is available on a first come, first serve basis to those who qualify.  For more information, or to apply, please call or email the registrar at 206-685-8033 or uwbgeduc@uw.edu.

2018 Preschool Camp Weeks and Themes

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Great Growing Green Things

Do you know that some bamboo plants can grow up to 35 inches in a day? Or that most flowers have patterns of lines that act as airstrips for insects? A tomato plant will even use chemicals to call on wasp defenders when a caterpillar starts to munch on it. Plants are truly masters of their realm, and there is an astounding diversity of plant life here at the Arboretum to learn about. During this week, children will learn the parts of plants and how they grow, but more importantly, they’ll marvel at the incredible things plants do to adapt and survive.
WEEK 1: June 25–29 & WEEK 6: July 30 – August 3

Wild and Wonderful Water

Water, water everywhere and we’re gonna have fun! Water is a crucial resource for all of the vast and varied life we can find here in the Arboretum. Children will make rainstorms and experiment with water sounds. Pond dipping will let us get up close and personal with a magical underwater world, while our terrestrial explorations may reveal chorus frogs, spotted salamanders, red-winged black birds, or even signs of beavers. Join us for a week of learning, laughter, and exploration among the sights and sounds of the wetlands, ponds, creeks, and H2O of the Washington Park Arboretum.
Week 2: July 2-6 (no camp July 4) & Week 7: July 30-August 6-10 

Bug Safari

Do you have a budding entomologist at home? This week at camp we will look towards some of the smaller members of the animal kingdom for inspiration, adventure, and awe. Ordinary earthworms will be revealed as skilled recyclers, butterflies as a crucial aids for plant pollination We will even find a new respect for mosquitos as masters of the air and the water! We’ll creep, we’ll crawl, and we’ll test out our own wings and antennae at this fun and dirty week of camp.
Week 3: July 9-13 & Week 8: August 13-17

Super Senses!

There are so many marvelous things out there in our wide world, and we rely on our senses in order to experience them. At age 4 and 5, children’s brains are beginning to absolutely explode with perceptual possibilities. During this week at camp, we will learn why each of our senses is important. We’ll forage for sweet tasting berries, learn to listen for birdcalls, use our noses to sniff out our surroundings, and begin to develop the basic observational skills that will allow us to approach the world as a scientist. Children can look forward to exciting experiments and creative crafts that will help them to reflect on what they’ve learned each day.
Week 4: July 16-20 & Week 9: August 20-24

Out Among the Thickets

The forest is a place filled with wonders. The many different ecosystems here at the Arboretum are the perfect backdrop against which children can discover the unknown and explore the uncharted. We’ll spend the week adventuring and exploring, learning how use our imaginations in the outdoors. We’ll head out on fairy-tale hikes that develop our observational skills, work as a team building tree-nests and forts, lie in the grass to imagine life as an ant, and experience the joy of cloud-watching. Children will develop story-telling and investigative skills while engaging in dramatic play and exploration. Summer is ours for the taking, and we’ll enjoy as much as each and every minute has to offer.
Week 5: July 23-27 & Week 10: August 27–31

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