Plants of the Washington Park Arboretum and teamwork set the stage for understanding Ethnobotany and culture.

Available Topics:

Native Plants and People

Humans everywhere depend on the land for their survival, and human cultures are shaped by the ecosystem in which they live. This program explores Northwest native plants and the communities of which they are part.
Recommended Age: 3rd – 6th Grade

Race Around the Rim

This fun-filled adventure in Social Studies takes your students on a journey around the Pacific Rim in our Pacific Connection Garden. Students will work together in small teams to try and complete a variety of tasks designed to challenge a wide array of learning styles. This unique program is designed for a maximum of 25 students and lasts 2 hours.
Recommended Age: 3rd – 6th Grade, 6th – 8th Grade

Sustainable Farming 101

During this introduction to sustainable farming, students will learn about interdependence and how the UW Farm tries to “work with nature” to create a healthy, balanced ecosystem. This field trip takes place at the UW Farm located at the Center for Urban Horticulture.
Recommended Age: 1st-3rd Grade

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