Christ the King 5-1-14 41

Join us in our 230 acre outdoor classroom where flowers, seeds, and trees are the teachers.

Available Topics:

Trees and Seasons

Young students will use their senses to explore the life-cycle of trees and plants as they change from season to season throughout the year. During this hour long adventure, your budding scientists will learn the basic needs of trees, the basic parts and what they are used for, and how they help the tree survive through different seasons.
Recommended Age: Pre-K (ages 3-6 who haven’t attended kindergarten)

Plants 101

During this introduction into the plant world, your young scientists will hone their skills of observation to categorize & sort, gather data, and compare & contrast different plant parts.
Recommended Age: K-2nd Grade

Plants 201

This program builds upon the topics covered in plants 101 and digs a little deeper into the parts of a plant and their specific functions. The interconnected nature of life is explored through observation and data collection.
Recommended Age: 3rd-6th Grade

Sustainable Farming 101

During this introduction to sustainable farming, students will learn about interdependence and how the UW Farm tries to “work with nature” to create a healthy, balanced ecosystem. This field trip takes place at the UW Farm located at the Center for Urban Horticulture.
Recommended Age: 1st-3rd Grade

Self-Guided Field Trips

Interested in a self-guided field trip? Check out our list of Explorer Packs available to rent.

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