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We’ve Forgotten What Nature Really Means, Kim Eckart, 1/6/18

At Nature Preschools, Classrooms are Outdoors, Julie Depenbrock, Education Week 1/17/17

At These Schools, The Classroom is Outdoors, Katie Campbell, Crosscut, 9/21/2016

Helping Kids Avoid Anxiety, Teaching Children Self-regulation at an Early Age, Darian Liard, 1/6/2016

Preschool Without Walls, Lillian Mongeau, New York Times,

Free-Range Children, Erik Neumann, Bright, 10/15/15

Kids Go Outside and Learn at the Arboretum’s Outdoor Forest School, Valerie Easton, Seattle Times 6/15/15

Learning About Outdoor Education in Norway, UW Botanic Gardens Blog, 12/21/2018


Articles written by Fiddleheads Staff

Education in Context: The Role of Place in Nature-Based Education, Kit Harrington, Natural Start Alliance, 09/17

Reading the Landscape: Early Literacy in the Outdoor Classroom, Joanna Wright, Natural Start Alliance, 11/16

Magic, Wonder, Science and Exploration: The Educational Value of Fairy Villages, Kit Harrington, Natural Start Alliance, 07/15

Inspiring a Future Generation of Educators: Forest School Internships, Sarah Heller, Natural Start Alliance, 03/15


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