Self-Regulation in the Forest

At Fiddleheads we root the learning experience in a strong foundation of self-regulation skills. Self-regulation is the motor that drive all learnining on a biological, emotional, cognitive, and social level. We agree with what lead educators and researchers already contend: that self-regulation has the potential to impact the lif trajectory of children more than any other single aspect of their development.

To aid in this process we utilize a combinaation of unique and modified curriculum (including The Zones of Regulation® and We Thinkers®) with the intent of cultivating self-regulation, executive functioning skills, and the sort of social and emotional competency that fosters lifelong learners.

Interested in Learning More? Check out the following resources!

Crisis in the Kindergarten: Why Children Need to Play in School, A report from the Alliance for Childhood” by Edward Miller, Joan Almon

Don’t! The Secret of Self-Control, Jonah Lehrer, New Yorker 5/18/09

Executive Functioning: The School Skill That May Matter More Than IQ, Herbert Wray, Newsweek 6/3/08

Play and Self-Regulation Elena Bodrova, Carrie Germeroth, Deborah J. Leong

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