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July Plant Profile: Hydrangea integrifolia

Originally posted July 1, 2014
An evergreen hydrangea?!!  You betcha!
There are very few evergreen vines for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest, but this gorgeous gem from Asia is  becoming more readily available and it’s simply one of the coolest flowers you’ll ever get to witness opening.
From plump, peony-like buds, they begin to slowly crack open, a froth of fertile flowers begin to form and over the course of a few days, a flat umbel “lacecap” begins to form. 

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Compost Coordinator Handbook

“Compost is an essential component of any sustainable agriculture operation; without the addition of nutrients and organic matter lost from harvest, agricultural systems would soon be unable to support crop life. I encourage you, as you read on, to keep in mind the ecology and cyclical tendencies of the entire farm (and how compost fits into this larger system). Decomposition is a (mostly) silent process with uncanny influence over future growth. 

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Education and Land Resources for Seattle Area Gardeners!

~Rae Russell
Seattlites are fortunate to not only enjoy the benefits of a maritime climate that allows us to grow year-round, but to have access to so many wonderful gardening and farming resources. Whether you want to take a short workshop on container gardening, complete a serious course in sustainable farming, or simply find some tips and plant lists, everything that you need can be found nearby, even land! 

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